Sears Feedback Survey

Help one of the best retail company in America  to improve the quality of the products and services by visiting Here you will find information inviting you to the sears feedback survey. You are required to input your 12 digit of your receipt number. A sample of the receipt is shown on the right side. You will also be called to put the date of purchase immediately below the 12 digit code. Once you are done, you will be click next to proceed.

So, what exactly is sears feedback survey? Well, this is a survey conducted by this chain of departmental stores to invite its customers to share their experience about their dealings with the company. They have thus prepared a 5-10 minute survey for their clients to fill in once they click on the

Sears Survey – Benefits

You stand to gain a lot. For starters, each entry period leads to a quarterly sears gift card of $ 4000.Since this is a quarterly gift, there are 3 such quarters in a years, so you can imagine how much you stand to win for each entry you take part in!
This  survey sweepstake runs for three months that is from 1st May 2011 to 30th July 2011.So, hurry and take part in this survey, you could be a winner!

Survey Guidelines

There are rules and exception in every survey and sears feedback survey is no exception. If you would like to take part, then the following are the conditions to meet:

1. You need to have a shopping receipt from sears. This receipt will have survey invitation information on it.

2. Eligibility criteria require all participants in the survey to be residents of US, Puerto Rico, Guam and US Virgin Islands. Over and above this, you will be required to be of majority age, that is be over 18 years of age.

3. Once you meet the above requirements, you will then be required to visit and select the language of your choice that is Spanish or English.

4. Enter the 12 digit code on your receipt in the space provided in the link as well as the date of purchase as shown on your receipt.

5. Once you have entered the above, you will be prompted to click next in order to proceed and complete the survey.

6. Upon completion of the survey, you will have an entry with a chance to win the ultimate prize of $ 4000 Sears Gift card.


• The first rule relate to the collection of the information. The company promises to adhere to privacy rules.

• The sharing of the information so collected will not be shared to third parties.

• Confidentiality will be adhered to

• The company stresses that this is not a sales pitch but a way of trying to improve its services.